Analogue Tools for Experience Designers


With 75% of UX practitioners performing, on average, 16 different UX activities per project, you’re certainly not alone when it comes to experiencing overwhelm. It’s easy to revert back to what you know given the uncertainty.

Yet, UX is constantly being redefined; making it easy to forget all the valuable methods, activities and tools involved in delivering a great product.

UXD Cards™ is an analogue card deck comprised of 75 beautifully illustrated cards covering the main steps in the UX Design process and all the components of each step.

We’ve made each card highly practical; describing, in significant detail, the what, why, when of each UX design activity and method and how it can be applied to your current web, mobile, service or experience design project.

Each UXD Card deck delivers:

  • Beautiful illustrations and layout stakeholders can appreciate and find useful in individual or group project settings.
  • Impress stakeholders and clients with easy-to-understand definitions that simplify complex UX methods and activities.
  • Reduce ambiguity by introducing a standard, high-quality communication tool to your team and clients.
  • Test your UX knowledge and that of your team. Buy two or more decks and play snap with your colleagues!
  • Swiftly design optimal project plans, with increased buy-in, by more easily making clients and stakeholders part of the conversation.

Upcoming card decks:

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