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The Design Deck: A Visual Tool for Learning and Inspiration

Learning through play is a great idea. Just ask any three-year-old. Ben Barrett-Forrest tapped into this notion when he conceived of a set of playing cards dubbed The Design Deck – an approachable joyful way of spreading a little graphic design knowledge in the world. And couldn’t the world use a little more of that!

The project, funded through a Kickstarter campaign, was clearly a labor of love for this graphic designer. All the research Ben did to compile the many facts, quotes and tips that comprise the content and serve as inspiration for the graphics. Clever and cohesive, the deck makes use of these great principles of design. And yes, the deck is completely usable for poker, euchre or whatever game you wish to play.

Ben Barrett-Forrest Kickstarter campaign for the Design Deck has now ended, but it's gone above and beyond its initial crowdfunding goals, since it has appeal for both design students and professionals as a great quick reference guide, a study tool, without making it feel like you're hitting the books. In addition to being informative, the cards also work just as well as regular playing cards and would be great to tuck into a desk or backpack when you need a quick refresh, or a quick game of cards.

The 'Design Deck' by Ben Barrett-Forrest provides a compact and "practical guide to graphic design," in the form of 52 playing cards. Some of the things that the cards offer include bite-sized topics in graphic design, including guides to typography, basic principles, notable design figures, quotes and some of the history of design.

Professionally produced by experts in this type of printing, the inks are crisp and vivid and the areas of 4-point type are perfectly readable. The smooth slippery feel of the Bicycle paper is the hallmark of any deck of cards.


Trend Themes


  1. Interactive Learning: Creating interactive learning tools like the Design Deck can provide a more engaging and practical way for individuals to learn complex subjects such as graphic design.
  2. Convergence of Industries: The fusion of gaming and education seen in the Design Deck highlights the potential for industries such as gaming and design to collaborate and create innovative products.
  3. Microlearning: The bite-sized topics offered by the Design Deck demonstrate the growing trend towards microlearning, where individuals can easily digest information in short bursts.


Industry Implications


  1. Education: The educational industry can explore the opportunity to develop more interactive and practical learning tools like the Design Deck to enhance the learning experience for students of various subjects.
  2. Gaming: The gaming industry can leverage the success of the Design Deck to create educational gaming products that offer both entertainment and knowledge acquisition.
  3. Design: The Design industry can embrace the concept of microlearning and develop resources like the Design Deck to provide a quick and accessible way for designers to enhance their skills and knowledge.


Called “The Design Deck“, the project is a fun and simple way to learn the essentials of graphic design, improve your design skills, and understand more about the design we see and interact with everyday. Each of the 52 cards present a small but useful information about graphic design, from design terminologies and typography tips to design history and famous designer quotes. All sourced from a wide range of graphic design books in the market today.

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