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Why you should consider adding this to your design toolkit; why this product? Why now? And so many more questions answered below

  • Why did you make these?

    Despite bookmarking hundreds of posts and articles on UX, it’s easy to feel like you still haven’t quite grasped UX in its entirety— it’s a big topic! After listening to other UX designers express their desires, frustrations (and titillation) at all the evolving methods in UX, it became clear that the industry needed a tool, something tactile, something to refer to. Especially when dealing with stakeholders and clients whose understanding of UX is often fuzzy, at best.

    UXDCards® break the subject of UX into bite-sized ideas and concepts. This has proven to be invaluable in any UX project. Whether you're a professional UX designer, a novice, or a client who doesn't know anything about UX or design, you'll be able to recall and share key topics on the UX design process.

  • Why cards? Why not an app?

    With a significant number of methods, activities and tools involved in UX, making a physical card deck seemed like the most logical next step. Unlike an app, cards are shareable, interactive, easily integrable into existing workflows, bringing clarity and productivity to teams and stakeholder workshops without a great deal of effort. Also, alot of designers we spoke to said they were just sick of looking at a screen.

    We were also very tired of looking at screens. We wanted something that was fun and, most importantly, lead to more confidence in the design process, regardless of whether they were a UX novice or veteran. A tactile tool made the most sense and the concept was born and refined into what you see today.

  • I’m still quite new to UX, is this of any value to me?

    Absolutely! These cards were originally designed to assist new UX designers and stakeholders to quickly grasp the key UX concepts. Overtime, we discovered and developed a number of ways to play with cards to extract maximum value.

    With so many activities, tools, and methods involved in the UX Design process, we’ve made sure that you have a crystal clear description on each card as well as a link to a more detailed step-by-step explanation if you need it. Use the cards as a simple reference tool, test yourself and others, or use them in workshops and client meetings to get everyone on the same page.

  • What are the shipping costs?

    'In short, it varies. If you live in a small igloo near the Arctic circle, your shipping costs will be a little different than if you lived down the road from us. That said, here are the average shipping costs. We try our best to stay within these ranges:

    • Domestic shipping (US): $8 USD
    • International shipping (Worldwide): $15 USD

    Again, your mileage may vary. In some countries, shipping can be as high as $35 USD. If you have been subject to high shipping fees in the past, please ensure that the total cart price at checkout is reflective of your standard shipping fees in your region. If not, please Contact us to arrange alternative delivery methods. Please also take note of customs and taxes in your region.

  • I want a discount, how do I get one?

    Well aren’t you a savvy shopper. There are several ways to get a discount:

    • The easiest way is volume or group purchase which enables discounts when you purchase multiple decks at the same time.
    • Provide us with a glowing testimonial or endorsement. Let us know what you said and where you said it.
    • Get us a write up in a major media outlet, blog or publication.
    • Do something extraordinary or daring with the cards (nothing life threatening please!)
    • Refer 10 or more customers and get your deck free! Limited 1 per company.
    • Be (or work in) a charity, NGO, or not-for-profit and we’ll get a few decks to you at half price.
    • Work in the education as a current teacher or lecturer in design or design related studies
    • Make us an offer we can’t refuse— the more creative the better your chances!

    Please feel free to Contact us if you any of these sound like you.

  • I love what you’re doing, how can I get more involved?

    We’re delighted to find people like you, particularly when you do actually make a positive difference. Beyond telling your friends and colleagues, we’d be grateful if you could contribute to the creation of future method cards. You can click on the suggest a card button and share a review on social media. If you do make a suggestion and contribution to our content, don’t worry, we’ll make sure you get full credit for your work.

    Future editions will come in two formats:

    • 1. Expansion packs, and;
    • 2. New editions

    If you're interested in User Experience, you can also check out UXDCards® another deck of 75 User Experience method cards - check out our user experience cards.

  • What are the methods?

    We have 75 methods in the deck.

    Methods include; personas, customer journey maps, wireframing, tree test, A/B test

  • OK, but will you make an app eventually? Everyone has an app.

    We’re currently developing for both android and iOS. Stay tuned! Remember: if you own a copy of the card deck you could get the app for free!

  • How did you come to this price for a card deck?

    The cost of designing, engineering, content writing, printing, shipping, fulfilment, marketing—not to mention the cost of coffee, pizza, and late nights spent in front of the computer—is higher than we had hoped for. But we’ve got a great accountant who assures us that we can make it work and have still enough leftover to continue creating awesome tools and products for designers.

  • I’m a senior UX Designer, is this of any value to me?

    Yes! You’ll love them. Particularly if you’ve used ‘home-made’ method cards in the past and found them useful. Thoroughly constructed cards will make your next workshop that much more enjoyable.

    In fact, we spent a great deal of time working with various UX designers—including senior folks like you—at every level of the process. This included writing and assessing the content, honing the illustrations, gathering community feedback, and redesigning each card based on findings and insights.

    We did our research and couldn’t find a Card deck that had gone to anywhere near the same lengths to ensure an outstanding product for UX designers, students, teachers, and practitioners and, of course, anyone that participates in your workshops.

  • Can I reuse or republish your content?

    Fluff no! UXDCards® are available under a BY-NC-SA 2.0 Creative Commons license. That means you can use the content but you can’t profit from it and you have to give us full credit. Also, make sure you’re only sharing our stuff through the same channels as ourselves, meaning don’t go and create an app using any of our content or our name “UXDCards” or “UXD Method Cards”— which are in the process of being trademarked.

  • Love the idea, what are the physical specifications?

    Great question. Here they are:

    • 88mm x 148mm (3.45 x 5.75 inches)
    • 350gsm silk-paper, matt finished both sides
    • Round corners
    • Matt finish, flush box
    • 2-page instruction booklet
    • Weight: 0.4kg

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