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Stakeholder Challenges


Working in a large company, it was unfortunately a big struggle working with stakeholders. They were only concerned with the final design product, but had little knowledge and appreciation for the process. This frequently resulted in unrealistic deadlines.


Disheartening Presentation


We had a critical meeting with senior management, and, as expected, our design work was heavily scrutinized and criticized. Almost as if they wanted us to fail. We tried to help them see the value in what we were building, but that had very little impact. We left the meeting discouraged, but more determined than ever. We knew there had to be a better way to communicate our value.


The Drawing Board


For several grueling weeks, we worked tirelessly to polish and refine our presentation until it sparkled. We knew that in order to make our presentation as effective as possible, we had to get everybody in the room on the same page as us.

Through sleepless nights and pots of coffee, we developed concepts, themes, roles, and tools to help us reach our audience. After sprinkling in a bit of role-play, we knew we were ready for another stakeholder workshop.




At last, the day of the workshop arrived. Everything was the same. Same room, same chairs, same disinterested stakeholders and managers, only this time we had something they didn't expect. Something that made them put their phones down and ask questions, engage us in conversation, and even take notes!


UXD Cards® were born


With 75% of User Experience Designers performing 8-12 different UX activities per project, you’re certainly not alone when it comes to experiencing overwhelm. It’s easy to make shortcuts or revert back to what you know given the uncertainty around the best tool for any given design challenge.

UX is constantly being redefined, making it easy to forget the other, valuable methods involved in delivering a great product experience. UXDCards® is an analogue card deck comprised of 75 beautifully illustrated cards across 4 color-coded categories, designed to bring clarity and process design to you, your team, clients, and other important stakeholders.

That’s why we’ve made each card highly practical - describing, in significant detail, the what, why, how and when of each UX design activity and method, and how it can be applied to your current web, mobile, service or experience design project.

Each deck delivers beautiful illustrations and layout that designers can appreciate and find useful in individual or group project planning sessions.

Each deck delivers

  • Beautiful illustrations and layouts that you can use to take your project planning efficiency to the next level.
  • UX activities that you can easily integrate into your existing projects to optimize your workflow.
  • Easy-to-understand definitions of even the most complex UX methods; perfect for presenting to stakeholders and clients.
  • Reduced ambiguity by introducing a standard, high-quality communication tool to your team and clients.
  • A fun way to test you and your team's UX knowledge! Pick up two or more decks, and you're well on your way to finding out whos the smartest!
  • Quickly design effective project plans, and maximize buy-in by making it easier for clients and stakeholders to become part of the conversation.

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